Rasputin: Victim of ‘black magic’ by western media?

Did Rasputin deserved to be assassinated like that?

Who was Grigori Rasputin?

Grigori Rasputin was a consultant and close personnel with the Russian royal family during the first world war (at around 1915). He was mercilessly killed in 1916. If you make an internet search on him today, you will find him portrayed as a villain in 99% of the cases. These are basically manipulations by western media. Because it is alleged that Britain was behind his killing. And everyone knows that whatever Britain and America does, the western media instantly becomes busy as a rabbit to term those deeds ‘innocent and legal’. Also whomever these two countries turn on, almost all other countries turn on them too. Let us now try to find out what motive Britain might have in the assassination of Rasputin.

Was he a holy person or a monster?

Whether Rasputin was personally a good person or a bad one – is irrelevant for this article. Also it is difficult to justify that; now that history has been twisted and deformed. Still if we dig into this ‘twisted’ history about Rasputin, many dirty things might turn out. May be these things will turn out that he was involved in terrorist activities, he used to do black magic, did misdeeds in the name of religion etc. Like we said earlier, it is not possible to justify if he really did those or not, because western media already scandalized his name. But the reason he was killed for was really amazing. He was killed because he showed patriotism for his motherland Russia.

What was the true motive of Rasputin’s assassination?

The then Russian emperor (last Czar) Nicholas was a person of weak stature. He used to rule the country based on his wife Alexandria’s counseling. And this lady Alexandria always consulted with Rasputin on any issue. In this way, Rasputin himself was the driving force of the great Russia. While the first world war was going on, all of a sudden Rasputin had this brilliant idea that Russia’s war against Germany was pointless; they could easily make truce with Germany if they wanted. And he was about to present this idea to the royal family when British authority came to know about his plan. There was no way they could allow it.

Why and how they killed him?

It was obvious that if Russia made truce with Germany, then Germany would engage all their soldiers against Britain alone, so Britain’s defeat in the war was inevitable. This is why they decided to kill Rasputin before he could pass on the idea to Alexandria. A Russian has been recognized as Rasputin’s official killer. But the true killer was his associate/friend and he was a British indeed. Rasputin was kidnapped first and then he was asked to take a drink which he refused, because he realized it was mixed with poison. So he was stabbed and shot three times. The third shot which was fatal was aimed at his forehead. This bullet was different from the first two; this type of bullet was made in Britain only. This is how we know who really killed him and what their motive was in doing so.

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