Whatever ICC twitted regarding Mahmudullah’s heroism

‘Need 12 runs in 4 bowls? No problem, Mahmudullah is there! He took these runs just in three balls and Bangladesh ascended to the final.’ – These are the fine words what ICC twitted on their official Twitter page. They also added the scene of Mahmudullah striking the ‘match winning’ six. And this tweet from ICC was liked by 46 thousand people in just one hour of time. They congratulated Mahmudullah as well as Bangladesh. (This article is on Mahmudullah’s heroism)

Mahmudullah's heroism

It could be mentioned here that Bangladesh needed 12 runs in last over. That over was given to Sri Lankan bowler Isuru Udana. He delivered two no balls in first two deliveries, but field umpire didn’t call ‘No ball’ which was what Bangladeshi Cricketers were forced to protest. Umpire was told about the issue but he didn’t pay any heed.

Sakib decided to take the hard line, but Mahmudullah’s heroism didn’t deflect

Because of this partialty shown by umpire, tiger captain Sakib who was standing then at the boundary line called upon Mahmudullah and Rubel Hossain to leave the ground and bunk the match at some point. But Mahmudullah had confidence in himself, he continued the match. (This article is on Mahmudullah’s heroism)

Previously, Bangladesh just lost one wicket without scoring any runs in the first two deliveries of their innings. At last they needed 12 runs in 4 bowls to win. Mahmudullah hit a boundary in the third ball of the last over and paved the way for Bangladeshis to become victorious. He scored a double in the next delivery. And in the fifth one he hit a tremendous six over the backward square leg arena to ensure victory for the tigers. This over-boundary got Bangladeshis the win they craved the most.

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Mahmudullah’s reaction regarding the match

At the end of the breathtaking match Mahmudullah let us know in his reaction that it has been the best innings of his career. He added, ‘Sakib’s return to the team has increased my confidence. You gotta keep track of remaining number of balls and play attacking cricket in such high tension match. When Sakib got out I really became very stressed.’ Indicating the ‘not so bright’ incidents that happened during the last over he said, ‘I want to forget everything that took place in the ground today. This is just past for me.’ (This article is on Mahmudullah’s heroism)

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