The huge body of Shahnaz aunty from ‘Shahnaz Manzil’

There’s a six storied building by name of ‘Shahnaz Manzil’ near Kuril Biswa Road, Dhaka. The owner of that land was a 42 years old lady who was known as Shahnaz. She was still young which was evident and obvious from her body structure and expressions. She had a really big pair of globes as boobs and a huge ass. I lived in a building adjacent to hers. And I used to think to myself, ‘If only I could be intimate with her!’

Well, she too lusted after me, which I realized when I first got to her home to meet her. Actually I was in the need of a new rented home, so I went there to see their apartments to be rented. After choosing one, we were having a casual conversation in their drawing room. That lady’s husband seemed to have been vanished after having a little talk with me. But she was still there, sitting in the couch opposite to mine and having a big evil smile on her mouth. There she was showing me the shape and outline of her big tits without a scarf (orna).

I rented an apartment on the third floor of her building. The locks on the doors were modern, so I requested her to show me how to lock and unlock them. But she thought I actually wanted to take advantage of the empty apartment in order to get intimate with her. She must have thought to herself, ‘Sex, that too on the very first day!’ She was wearing a lustful smile on her face and tried to read my mind. I also got sexually aroused upon seeing her inviting smile. But it wasn’t a right time to get physical, ’cause my FIL was inside. Had he not been there at that time, I would certainly get this woman inside my apartment and just spring on her.

Another day, I was getting downstairs while Shahnaz was putting up a ‘To-let’ sign. The moment she felt my presence she simply pushed her ass cheeks backwards and made them look protruding. This way she gave me a hint of their size, which would be at least 42 inches. But my baby boy was in my arms at that time and I was taking him out for a troll. If I was alone, I would certainly dare to touch her ass and say a few complementing words about it, like ‘Aunty, you really have a gorgeous backside.’ I’m sure she would not mind it because she had shown this body language intentionally.

She often invited me to have a cup of tea with her. But I preferred not to get inside because I thought her hubby was there. Actually I should’ve got inside her apartment even in his presence. That way I could have been free with her to achieve anytime access into her household in order to accompany her (and you know what). But during those days I was terribly disturbed with a severe eye problem, so I was not much interested in something unethical. Had I stayed there (in the rented apartment of her building) for a few more months, I would have managed to sleep with her for sure. But in the meantime a ‘Noakhailla bachelor’ family rented the apartment right above ours. They purposely started to make such huge thudding sounds with a view to annoying us that one day I got really pissed off and declared to leave that apartment.

Shahnaz did not solve the issue. The most probable reason behind this is that there was a six feet tall and handsome man among those bachelors. Aunty probably had decided to get laid with him.

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