Standard Spoken English – Episode 1

For = As

When in a sentence you want to use the word ‘for’ to replace the word ‘as’ while both the words have the same meaning. We are used to use mostly ‘as’ in these cases. But native speakers often use ‘for’ in places where ‘as’ was supposed to be used.


1. You are pretty fast fora big guy. = You are pretty fast as a big guy.
2. For a kid you sure know how to fight. = As a kid you sure know how to fight.
3.  He’s pretty smart for a village guy. = He’s pretty smart as a village guy.
4. I want her formy girlfriend.= I want her as my girlfriend.

Pretty/quite = more than…

1. This is pretty good.= This is more than good.
2. He is pretty healthy. = He is quite healthy. = He is more thanhealthy.
3. That thing is pretty/quite robust. = That thing is more than robust.

The word ‘pretty’ is used more commonly than the word ‘quite’ in Standard Spoken English.

Just because…… doesn’t mean that……

1. Just because it’s your birthday doesn’t mean that you can do whatever you want. (yeah, it’s your birthday, but it doesn’t mean that you can do whatever you want on this occasion.)
2. Just because you’re my boss doesn’t mean that you can torture me as you please.

3. Just because you’re a minor doesn’t mean that you don’t have any responsibilities.


1. attaboy! = that’s like a (good) boy!  (appreciation)
2. attagirl! = that’s like a (good) girl!

Serves (you/him/her/them) right!

We use this sort of sentences when we find that something unpleasant has happened to certain individual/a group of people, but we still think that that individual or group of people should have deserved this. It’s like ‘He/She/They got what they deserved’.

1. Serves him right!

2. Serves her right!

3. Serves them right!

(A period of time) after

30 days after he died his wife died too. = He died and 30 days later his wife died too.

Soon after he left we resumed our work. = He left and soon we resumed our work.

13 years after he had invented this he got the Noble prize for that invention. = He invented this and 13 years later he received the Noble prize for that invention.

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