A few shocking facts about Anaconda you didn’t know

You may have watched the movie series ‘Anaconda’. Well, in this article we’re NOT going to talk about that series. It’s just the giant snake species found in tropical south America we’re talking about. It’s a constrictor which means it uses its muscles to squeeze and suffocate its prey before swallowing. Now here are a few shocking facts about this giant serpent you probably didn’t know about:

A species of Anaconda is the largest snake by weight

There are four species of this snake living in south America. But when people say ‘Anaconda’, they basically mean the species Eunectes murinus. It is known as common or green anaconda. It is in fact the largest snake in the planet by weight and second longest. And the film series mentioned above is based on this particular species.

The snake’s name is derived from lankan language

Some of you might think that the word ‘anaconda’ must be a synonym for snake among south American people. If you have thought so, then you’re wrong. It is actually a word from Lankan language which is spoken by the people of Sri Lanka, a south Asian country.

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The meaning of the word anaconda

A scientist argued that one of these giant serpents crushed and killed a tiger in Sri Lanka. Now that’s funny, because tigers aren’t found in Sri Lanka. In addition, anacondas are NOT found in this country either. So the conclusion is that it was a giant python that crushed and killed a tiger in Tamil Nadu which is a province of India neighboring with Sri Lanka. The word anaconda is a distorted form of the Tamil word anai-kondra which means elephant killer. Surely a giant snake like python or anaconda is capable of killing an elephant, aren’t they?

A wordpress security plugin is named after it

The local people of south America call this snake ‘sucuri’. This is also the name of a popular security plugin in WordPress, a content management system (CMS) for websites. The developer of the plugin thought that if a giant snake as anaconda guards your household, no other harmful creatures would dare to near your place. That’s why they named this plugin after this giant serpent. Clearly, the developers of the plugin are from south America, or they’re connected with this continent in some other way.

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