More than 50 people die in a day, that too officially

In the last 24 hours the highest number of samples have been tested, as a result highest number of people have been found to be infected with Corona virus in a day. In this time period, 3862 people have been diagnosed with Corona. In the same duration, 53 official deaths have been recorded. This is the highest number of death due to COVID 19 in a day’s time.

The above information was provided from the department of Health, Bangladesh Government, during their daily online briefing on Tuesday. Now the total number of detected Corona cases is 94,481. Total number of death tolls is 1262. It was said in the briefing that 2237 more people have recovered from Corona in the last 24 hours. As a result the total number of recovered Corona patients is now 36,264. In the briefing presented on Monday, it was said that in those previous 24 hours, 3099 people were found as Corona infected and the death toll was 38.

According to today’s briefing, 17,214 samples were tested in the last 24 hours. Previous day the number was 15,038. Up until now, 5 lakh 33 thousand 7 hundred and 17 samples have been tested in Bangladesh. These tests have been conducted in 61 labs situated diversely throughout the country. The first ever official Corona detection in Bangladesh was declared by the authority on March 8 this year. And the first official Corona death occurred on March 18.

Info source: The daily Prothom Alo, June 16

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