J.P. Morgan: a questionable name in humanity

This person has been questionable/controversial in history because of the following two reasons:

1. His withdrawal of support from Warden-Cliff project: We all know that Nicola Tesla was a tremendously talented scientist and engineer. He wanted to provide ‘free electricity’ for all the people across the world. He planned to send this electricity through the ionosphere. He built the Warden-Cliff tower to serve this very purpose. The investor/financier on this project was J.P. Morgan. His purpose behind this investment was purely business-based. He basically wanted the practical infrastructure for radio-signal transmission to be built. But Tesla’s dreams were a little bit different. He wanted to build a system which would be able to send not only radio signal, but ‘electricity’ as well. Had this project been fully realized, it would have been possible to provide all the people of the globe with ‘free electricity’. But the moment Morgan realized that his chance of financial gain from this particular project was very thin, he stopped backing up the project. If Tesla’s project had been finally completed, we would not have to see any ‘wire’ at all; all the instruments, appliances and machines would have been wireless now-a-days. But this was never done and completed because of Morgan’s selfishness and self-centered mind.

2. His alleged involvement in the capsize of ‘Titanic’: The big reason behind J.P. Morgan’s name being infamous/controversial is the allegation that he was involved with the capsize of the famous ship Titanic and thus led to a killing of almost 1500 people. According to a popular conspiracy theory, Titanic didn’t sink by itself, it was made to sink. To be even more precise, may be Titanic never sank; the ship that sank was another one named ‘Olympic’ from the same shipping company. Actually the ship ‘Olympic’ was previously severely damaged being victim to a collision with another small ship while in sea, that’s when Morgan concocted this ‘wonderful’ idea. He started building a new ship with the name ‘Titanic’. It was built in such a fashion that it would never sink in any circumstances whatsoever. But this ship would capsize in its very first voyage –  this is totally unbelievable. Because there is only one ship in history that collided with an iceberg and consequently sank, it’s the famous ‘Titanic’. Conspiracy theorists believe that it was the repaired ship ‘Olympic’ that was launched in the waters in the name of ‘Titanic’ and later it was intentionally made to sink. May be the captain and the crew of the ship were all involved in the conspiracy.

However, Morgan received a huge sum of money from the insurance organization because of this incident, which saved him and his shipping company from being bankrupt. Had there been no casualties in this incident, then may be no one would have anything to say about this. But we must not forget that almost fifteen hundred people died in that tragedy. Needless to say, it was a grave crime to put all these people to death knowingly which Morgan might have done. It is guessed that Morgan had this ‘brilliant’ idea by reading the 1898 novel ‘Wreck of the titan’. The novel’s story-line fully matched ‘Titanic tragedy’, i.e. the name of ship (in the novel) was ‘Titan’, it was made to be unsinkable in any circumstances, but it capsized in its maiden voyage, same as ‘Titanic’.

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