The reason why Goldberg is the strongest wrestler of all time

When I first saw Goldberg, I didn’t like him much. This is because he never had good looks like HHH, Shawn Michaels or John Cena. I have always seen him bald. Also he never seemed to care about audience, hardly offered a speech to them. But day by day, the more I get to know about him the more I get amazed. What a superb athlete he is! Recently I have watched a few YouTube videos on him which make me wonder if Goldberg is the strongest wrestler of all time.

Goldberg is the strongest wrestler of all time

Goldberg might look like a bison to some people. I truly believe that he has the strength of a bison in his body. The moment I see him or his image, the word ‘torro’ comes into my mind. Here are a few reasons why I think Goldberg is the strongest wrestler of all time:

Nobody else was able to manhandle and intimidate Brock Lesnar like this

If you think Brock Lesnar is the toughest wrestler of all time, you’re not far from the truth; only there’s one guy tougher than Brock, it’s Bill Goldberg. You must have seen recent videos on the fights between these two people. Surely you have seen how Brock has been manhandled by Goldberg, like never before. In a match Goldberg defeated Brock in less than 2 minutes of time. I believe it has been the biggest upset in Lesnar’s career till now.

The above Dailymotion video shows how Goldberg defeats Brock Lesnar within just 1 minute and 24 seconds. Watch it to the end and you will get to see how Goldberg manhandles Lesnar. To see more of Brock being manhandled at the hands of Goldberg you can watch the following video @

Goldberg manhandling Lesnar

Nobody else tossed Big Show like this

Another reason why I think Goldberg is the strongest wrestler of all time is that he can pick Big Show up like a feather and give him a strong slam, the way nobody else ever could.

Once my elder brother opined that John Cena was a great wrestler because he could deliver a 500 pounder man that Big Show was an AA (attitude adjustment). This move was known as FU at that time. I instantly supported my brother’s point. I too got surprised to see John Cena make that move, because I had previously seen no other wrestler pick up Big Show’s 500 pounds body like that. I just didn’t know there were few other people who could do that much better than Cena did.

Lately I have seen a couple of wrestlers lift Show’s big body. I don’t recall all their names at this moment. But I can remember that Goldberg did this in a way far better than anybody else. The way he lifted Show’s body vertically upwards, it seemed liked Show weighed only 50 kilos. And Goldberg won that match too! Here’s the video for you to watch:

In addition, you can watch the following video depicting a fight between these two great wrestlers, only Goldberg won in this one too. He actually delivered a jackhammer to the world’s biggest athlete that Big Show was. Delivering the jackhammer was the most interesting part of the match. Because when Goldberg prepared to deliver this to Show, there was an anticipating atmosphere in the arena: everyone doubted if Goldberg really had the strength to do it to Show. Anyway, the jackhammer being the most interesting part of the match, WWE official channel chose this instant as the thumbnail for the YouTube video.

Goldberg’s winning streak was far better than Undertaker’s

When you hear about Undertaker’s Wrestlemania 21-0 streak, you may just admire and consider him as the best wrestler ever. Well, he might be that. But there’s one guy whose winning streak at WWE was even bigger than Taker’s. That person is none other than Bill Goldberg. His winning streak was 173-0. Why is he greater in this regard? Well, just compare the numbers: 173 and 21. Some of Undertaker’s wins could have come as a result of luck and randomness, because it was just one Wrestlemania in a year. But 173 consecutive wins, that’s a whole different story!

And more importantly, the first official win over Goldberg wasn’t legitimate. He was electrocuted which was seen by neither his opponent Kavin Nash nor the referee. He was senseless while the pins were being counted. If that incident hadn’t happened, Goldberg’s winning streak could have been much more epic than just 173, trust me!

Here’s the YouTube video showing Goldberg’s first official defeat in a WWE match:

Other people thinking that Goldberg is the strongest wrestler of all time

Not only me, but there are other people also who think that Goldberg is the strongest wrestler of all time. For example, you can check out the following articles and see for yourself what they have to say about Goldberg.

Goldberg: Greatest WWE Wrestlers of All Time | TheTopTens®

Bill Goldberg: Strongest WWE Wrestlers | TheTopTens®

I also found a YouTube video that portrays Goldberg as the strongest wrestler of all time. The video was from a reputed channel. However, I currently can’t recall that channel’s name, nor was I able to find that video on YouTube. I will give you the link as soon as I find that. Interestingly, when I watched that video, I found it hard to believe that Goldberg actually might be the strongest wrestler of all time. This is because Brock was my favourite wrestler at that time. And I thought he was the strongest wrestler ever considering how he treated his opponents in the squared circle (except for Goldberg indeed).

Then I got to watch the above mentioned matches on YouTube and changed my view towards Goldberg once and for all. Sadly enough, Brock Lesnar is no longer my favourite wrestler. Can you guess who it is now?

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