Female student Jenny’s mom’s dreams were not fulfilled

One of my female students Jenny’s mom looked like this woman in the picture, in her young age. She had a big dream to get laid with me, but that dream was never fulfilled. At that time I was thirty and she was forty years old. Literally, she was in the last stage of her youth. And you know how hot women’s hidden organs get at such stage of their lives!

The same thing happened with Shobnom aunty too. She was from Narshingdi Shibpur. You might know that women from greater Mymensingh and Narsingdi have a bigger sex drive than those from rest of the country. On top of that, Shobnom’s husband Jewel uncle was a skinny man. Shobnom didn’t get enough pleasure while having sex with him and she confessed this to my mom which I overheard. So I knew it won’t be long before she shows her sexual interest towards me.

But I had my eyes set on her young daughter Jenny. And I have taken as much advantage of this young girl’s body as possible. Although Shobnom pretended to be unaware of what was going on, she was certainly burning on the inside due to anger and jealousy. After all, she had hired me as her daughter’s private tutor in order to serve an evil purpose (to avail me as her sex partner).


Nevertheless one last day she decided to give me an ultimate opportunity to have her on bed. All I needed to do was push her main door a little bit and get inside to accompany her; she had indirectly hinted me that she would do the rest. But in those days I was ‘pretty busy’ in doing phone sex with a 22/23 years old girl named Fariza Bintu. That’s why I was hardly interested in getting laid with Shobnom, a middle aged lady. But now there’s no denying that I regret neglecting her to this day. Had I chosen to capitalize that opportunity, I could’ve tasted ‘raw female meat’ indeed!

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