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Finally its known who broke the dressing room glass

There wasn’t shortage of anything in the match between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka held on Friday. The match took dramatic turns every now and then. Finally Bangladeshis tasted victory, but the drama wasn’t finished yet. The news of Bangladesh team dressing room glass being broken just spread everywhere. Later investigation started regarding this. It was decided that the CCTV footage would be checked to find the culprit. Finally it’s known that excessive level of celebration was the cause of the broken glass. At least this was informed by the match referee Chris Broad. This was the finding after the CCTV footage based investigation.

Broad actually took witness from the workers who attended Bangladesh cricket team. It was then found that the glass was simply broken while the winners’ side members were celebrating. It was neither planned or voluntary, it was simply an accident. Still the referee asked for more footage.

Previously there was agitation in the ground during the last over of the match. There was dispute between players from the opposing teams at the end of the match. After that the news of dressing room glass being broken was known.

How the agitation started before the ‘dressing room glass breaks’ incident

Bangladeshi players thought the umpires were partial in the match. This was critical in the last over. You know only one bouncer is legal in a T20 over. But in the last over the bowler delivered two consecutive bouncers and the second one wasn’t declared ‘NO’ by the umpire. On top of that, when Mustafizur was run out, the umpires declared that Mahmudullah would be at the non-striking end which seemed unfair to the Bangladeshi side. They protested, the captain Sakib at some point asked the batsmen in the crease to bunk the match and return to the dressing room.

But the Bangladeshi team manager Khaled Mahmud Sujan pacified his players and asked them to finish the match before they return. However, Bangladesh was lucky to score a win after all these adversaries.

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