Corona positive/negative forged certificates are available in exchange for money

Corona positive or negative forged certificates are sold in the capital city. Each of them costs 5000 to 7000 BDT. Four such culprits have recently been arrested.

While the inhabitants of the city are helpless in the prevailing Corona situation, a few unscrupulous people are busy in earning a fortune for themselves by exploiting these poor people. A small studio in Mughda area, photocopy service is provided there. But behind this fair business, runs another ugly and unfair one, that sale of forged Corona certificates is. And that business runs pretty well.

Four workers of the shop were selling duplicate Corona certificates with a desired positive or negative result, each one only for five to seven thousand taka. RAB got the information and they ran an operation there on Monday (15 June). Those four people were arrested.

RAB has informed that the unscrupulous party has already sold 100 to 150 forged certificates. Preparations were going on to sell another 50 of such documents.

RAB has added that many people have been taking these certificates in order to join jobs or to go abroad. RAB members are now investigating whether anyone from Mughda hospital are associated with the arrested culprits.

Previously four Bangladeshis went to Japan with forged Corona negative certificates and got caught in the act.

Info source:, 15 June

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