Come to know who Pharaoh was

All the followers of Islam (and may be all Jews as well) hate Pharaoh simply by his name. Interestingly enough, the word ‘Pharaoh’ is not the name of a single person, rather it is the name of an ancient Egyptian race. For a long time (few hundred years) the emperor of Egypt was called ‘Pharaoh’. All these emperors came into power traditionally through their respective ‘father’s and they all claimed to be ‘God himself’, as a result of that the then Egyptians were simply forced to accept the emperor as ‘God’. By the way, the person who is known as ‘Pharaoh’ to the Muslims had his real name ‘Remesis’. He was Moses’ (A:) half-brother before they ever became enemies to each other. To be even more precise, Moses was Remesis’ adopted brother, because Remesis’ mother (the empress  herself) found baby Moses at the shore of the river ‘Nile’ and adopted him as her own child.

Remesis and Moses were almost the same age and they were raised together. Through the study of history, it is known that Moses had been very naughty since his early childhood. Many a times he was the one to create a mischief and then impose the responsibility on his brother Remesis. This is the reason why Remesis had been ‘mad’ at Moses since his childhood. Although they were almost the same age, but Remesis was a little bit older than Moses, that’s why he was the heir to the throne after the demise of their father ‘Pharaoh’. Remesis’ father (the then emperor) was almost all the time angry with his elder son, because most of the complaints came against his name. The emperor feared that all the traditions of their royal family that had been running the last couple of centuries might come to an end just because of Remesis’ wrong doings and decisions. That means he wanted to say that Remesis might be the one to cause the destruction of their family’s emperor-hood.

The emperor all the time asked his own son to be more strict and careful, still Remesis often got involved in controversies. Harassment would never cease following him, that’s why he never took it kindly to his adopted brother Moses. At a later time when Moses became prophet after being addressed by God (Allah), Remesis was in the throne of emperor because their father had already demised. Then prophet Moses (A:) invited the emperor to the ways devised by God (Sole Creator) and also to release the slaves of Bani Israel, but Remesis simply denied his proposals and requests. Although he was sure to deny the existence of ‘sole God’ (because he claimed himself as God over all Egypt), but he might still let go of the slaves, upon being requested by his once adopted brother. But he became strict when he remembered his father’s prophecies about him ‘You’ll be the one to put an end to the great legacies of Pharaohs’. That’w when he refused to release those slaves and everyone knows what happened in Egypt afterwards. The ‘golden’ Egypt was hit by the rages of God and it almost became a desert.

But Remesis was still silent and tried to endure those ‘rages’ sent by God. That means he yet didn’t take any actions to siege or kill prophet Moses. But at a later point when his own young son died after suffering from ‘plague’, he could not take it any more. This time he firstly released the slaves of Bani Israel and later attacked them on the shores of Nile with a thousands soldiers. Now God had mercy upon these poor people of Bani Israel and Moses, he made a way across the Nile for them to pass on. They passed safely, but Remesis with his soldiers followed them on this passage. However when they were on the midway, being ordered by God the passage was flown and filled by the water of Nile again, thus they were all bound to die there and at that instant.

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