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Things you didn’t know about Alia Bhatt

If you ask a young man who his favorite Bollywood actress is, he’ll probably mention Alia Bhatt. This talented young lady has placed her name among the A listers of the film industry. She has proved her capability in films like 2 States, Kapoor & Sons, Badri ki Dulhania, Udta Punjab and Highway. She is one of those actresses who’re not only cute but can sing pretty well also.

Although she is now one of the loveliest heroines of Bollywood, but it wasn’t always the same for her. That being said, here are a few things you probably didn’t know about Alia Bhatt.

The nickname of Alia Bhatt

Well, she’s called ‘Alu’ by her family members.

Her first ever film

Many of you could be thinking that ‘Student of the year’ was Bhatt’s debuting Bollywood film. Well, you would be wrong in that case. Because her first ever film was ‘Shangharsho’ which was released in 1999. She played the role of a child in that.

Her audition for ‘Student of the year’

Do you know how many girls she had to compete with to get to lead female role in ‘Student of the year’? Well, it was 700 girls. And she didn’t want to get introduced through one of his dad’s films as well. She wanted to shine on her own.

Her weight during this audition

Alia was really heavy just prior to her audition for her first Bollywood film as a lead female role. She weighed 67 kilos at that time. Later she lost almost 16 kilos in next three months.

She likes Yogurt

You may not know, but Alia Bhatt likes Yogurt very much. She even takes Yogurt with Italian and Mexican food.

She is an atheist

Mahesh Bhatt being an atheist himself has raised all his children to grow as atheists. And Alia is no exception to that.

Alia Bhatt is a good painter

Bhatt is a good actor and singer. She is also very good at painting, specially charcoal painting.

She likes boys’ perfume

You may be surprised to know that Alia actually likes boys’ perfume. And she has used those in numerous occasions.

Alia is an introvert

In cinemas Alia seems to be very jolly minded and bubbly. But in real life, she is actually an introvert.

A few facts about Kajol you didn’t know

Her favorite Bollywood actors

She previously liked Shah Rukh Khan. Later she liked Shaheed Kapoor. But now a days her favorite actor is Ranbir Kapoor.

She was part of PETA campaign

Alia Bhatt was part of PETA campaign which was run to save endangered animals.

What Alia can’t do

According to an interview, she can’t cook.

The kind of person she wants to marry

Alia wants to marry a man who is more like her father, Mr. Mahesh Bhatt. Also that guy must be able to keep her happy and pleased all the time.

What Alia Bhatt wishes to do

She actually wants to go shopping and roam around in the mall like a normal person.

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