A Nine year old child dies being victim of a lift accident

The child’s name is Alvira Rahman, she’s the eldest child of Shiplu Rahman who happens to be the eldest son of Mr. Mohammad Ali, the proprietor of AliBaba doors. The child lived with her parents in an apartment complex named ‘Green Peace’ which is to the opposite of Popular Diagnostic Center at Shantinagar.

This accident happened at around 9:30PM thursday, they were preparing to go outside to have dinner at a restaurant on the occasion of the child’s mother’s birth anniversary. They lived on the 14th floor of the complex. Apparently they were waiting for the lift to go downstairs, but when the lift reached their floor it was still upper bound, because there was a call from above. Well, Alvira just tried to enter the lift and her parents would board on the lift when it comes down. But that never happened, because when Alvira was on the lift door area, it suddenly started going above and the sensor wasn’t working.

As a result she got stuck between the heavy and metal doors of the lift. Actually her left hand and left leg were stuck in the lift and her parents tried to get her out of there. But it was late and her body would not get out. As a consequence her head collided with the roof and it started to bleed. When Alvira’s parents found themselves covered with fresh blood from their own daughter’s body, they started screaming to utterly horror and shouted for help. They even called the apartment complex office, but there was no response.

After struggling for about 15-20 minutes they somehow were able to release their daughter’s body from the lift and they rushed her to Square hospital where the on duty doctors declared her dead. Now it was too much tragedy for the poor family to bear. Anyway, the dead body was buried in Uttara-12 sector graveyard.

Later the apartment complex chief in charge by name of Alamgir Mia was contacted. He said, ‘The lift was 7-8 years old, still it was regularly maintained. Whatever happened was merely an accident.’ No complaint was lodged (no case was filed) on behalf of the departed soul in the nearest police station till the time we were writing this report.

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