A few reasons why I let go Tabita as tuition student

Although I haven’t exactly left that tuition yet, but I plan to do that soon. That’s why I have chosen to compose this article before the actual thing happens. Well, dear reader, if you can read this one, just assume that I have already said ‘Goodbye’ to Tabita, or in other words, have made her say the same thing to me. The reasons behind this are as follows:

(1) Firstly, make no mistake about that I didn’t start that tuition because of money. Just that I would have an opportunity to ‘gobble’ a beautiful young girl’s face without someone else’s suspicion made me do that. Also I knew if I was lucky enough I would be able to make love to her, my female private student. But the thing is that the girl by name of Tabita is basically manner-less. She eats food like bread and banana in front of me, but doesn’t offer me any refreshment. If I would ask for a rag of tissue paper, she would simply reply, ‘Why can’t you bring this sort of thing from home?’ That means, she and her mother have assumed that I started teaching her just in order to earn money.

(2) Secondly, they made a chaos regarding the ‘salary thing’ a few days ago. When the tuition was fixed, Tabita’s mom told me, ‘Sir, I’ll have a bit of financial problem in the first two months. So during this time you’ll have to give ‘this amount’ of concession. After that I’ll be offering you the full salary.’ But she did not keep her word, on the contrary she thought me ‘helpless’, so she tried to pass 60% of the promised amount as monthly salary. But I created some pressure because of which she was obliged to offer me 80% of the original amount. Yet they have pretended like they’re being robbed by me, whereas they often go shopping and spend big amount of money each time.

(3) Thirdly, they are liars, which have been proved to me on several occasions. Tabita claims that her father is innocent and doesn’t adopt unfair means. That’s why they are poorer compared to other union members. But my question is, ‘What about the gambling sitting that takes place in front of Ripon Molla’s shop? Doesn’t Tabita’s father (Mohon member) get benefited from that? If he doesn’t, how on earth does that still continue in his ward?’

Well, I have no problem admitting that Mohon member is different from his colleagues, that’s why he has been able to retain his ‘member status’ for the last 13-14 years. Now my question is, ‘If he’s that much innocent and popular among people, why would he have to take special measures (according to an information provided by his daughter) in order to snatch victory in the polls?’ As far as I’m concerned, my ward’s member Mr. Anowar actually used money in order to be elected. Did Mohon member do the same thing? Or something else?

(4) Fourthly the hopes that made me start this tuition seem quite remote now. The girl is impudent; on top of that when I found out that she’s actually junior to most other girls in her class by one year, I realized it would take her a long time to become mature and positively intelligent. The thing is that there is hardly any chance for me to get physically intimate with her. I might get myself in harm’s way if I attempted that.

(5) Fifthly, it was a great mistake on Tabita’s mom’s part to send me to Mithu Molla’s home for tuition. Because of which they will have to pay the price now. I started the tuition in that political family because of the recommendations from Tabita’s mom and my nearby neighbor Kamal vai. But they have taken service from me for only 15 days and then let me go, this way they have insulted me a lot. This also caused a decline in my confidence. According to Mithu Molla and his daughter Maisha, I am good at Physics but not so good at Maths. And they have had this opportunity to insult me because of Tabita’s mom. So now both Tabita and her mom have to pay for it.

(6) Sixth, recently I have been in my main/original activities, so I don’t have much time to give to these impudent people that Tabita and her mother are. Still I would have considered them, if they were satisfied to have a ‘cornered schedule’, like 9PM/9:30PM or 7AM. But they already have allotted all the prime schedules for other coachings and are interested to have the most ‘prime time’ of the day from me, i.e. 4 in the afternoon. How could I possibly grant that now?

(7) A a few days ago Tabita’s mom scolded me literally for nothing. She made an ‘April fool’ out of me on 1st April, by scolding. The previous day Tabita had a very low voice while she was reading, nothing of her voice was understood. She was not raising her voice instead of being ordered multiple times to do that. So upon being irritated by her actions, I was concentrating on my mobile phone instead of her. But Tabita didn’t take this kindly, she complained to her mom, ‘Mom, Sir actually operates his phone instead of concentrating on me’.

Well, I got scolded for nothing, couldn’t tell Tabita’s mom why I had been operating on my phone instead. I realized that my degree of freedom in that tuition just lessened. Well, I accepted my fate at that point, just thought ‘It’s better to do something than to stay idle.’ But the situation is totally different now. In current situation, I surely can retaliate that insult imposed upon me.

(8) Just a few days ago I saw Tabita on a photograph to get intimate with an old Hindu person who happens to be the dad of a popular coaching teacher in my locality. Well, I don’t take kindly to Hindu people. On top of that Tabita is purely a stupid girl, so even if that old guy has been molesting her physically for quite a long time now, she may not have shared this with anybody, even her parents. And I don’t want to use a female body that already has been used by a Hindu guy. Actually, once I saw that photo, my love and liking for Tabita started to diminish very quickly.

(9) Ninth, She has indirectly cost me financially. She said something with so much confidence that I actually believed it and hence got caught. She basically hasn’t learnt to speak standard Bangla yet, so she doesn’t know how to use diplomatic versions of language. Like: when someone uses ‘He seems to be bad to me’ instead of ‘He is bad’, it actually sounds better. This is a perfect example of diplomatic language.

When you’re about to say something and can use phrases like ‘probably’, ‘it seems to me’ etc. you’re actually lowering down the risk level and also the amount of confusion to be risen. Since Tabita is an inhabitant of ‘indecent locality’, she hasn’t learned to use these yet. I, for one, have been using these for quite a long time now, probably since I was a class six or seven student. But when I was in Notre Dame College, our bengali teacher Marlin Clara Pinheiro formally taught us the use and significance of these phrases.

Well, I have incurred 10,000 BDT of losses just because of Tabita. Had I earned this money otherwise, I would have been able to build a separate kitchen for a gas cylinder and the associated stove. This way I could have saved my wife and child from any possible cylinder explosion accident. Or I could have bought a new smartphone with IPS display with that money. I don’t know why it felt to me that Tabita would cause me even more losses if I continue tutoring her.

(10) Last but not the least, recently Tabita’s family actually planned to get rid of me. It was the end of a month and I wasn’t sure whether my services were any longer required, so I decided to remain silent. Also Tabita was supposed to call me the following day, but she forgot to do that. So I thought I was no longer necessary to them. That’s when Tabita’s mom called me and threateningly said, ‘Sir, are you planning to tutor my daughter further or not?’ Well, I tapped out since I was absent in that tuition the previous day because of some important business in Dhaka city.

Later I came to know that Tabita’s cousin Sadi was contacted by them with a view to changing her private tutor. He said he was capable of managing a qualified teacher from Dhaka anytime. So now I really am interested to see what kind of qualified teacher he brings from Dhaka for his cousin sister, Tabita. Also how that teacher teaches, I surely would get updates from distance.


Lastly, let me tell you who I think are the ‘indecent people of Comilla’. Well then, be prepared for a big shock. You may like it or not to hear, but my personal opinion is that a few Northern Thanas of Comilla like Daudkandi, Homna, Muradnagar, Meghna, Titas, ‘Matlab’ thana of Chandpur district, the whole of Narshingdi district, the whole of Brahmanbaria district and the original inhabitants of Narayanganj district are all ‘indecent people’. According to my experiences, they can’t speak proper forms of language, they misbehave with others for reasons and without reasons. Tabita and her family are included here because they are original inhabitants of Rupganj Thana of Narayanganj.

Well, just because they are poor in manners doesn’t mean that they are poor at everything. For example, people of Narshingdi are very much talented and education loving. The people of Brahmanbaria have very sharp brains. The people of Comilla and Chandpur districts are actually generous from a few points, like when they chose to do favour to someone they won’t consider where that guy is from. And as of the original people of Narayanganj, I would like to say, they are very brave and aggressive, after all they’re successors of Isha Khan.

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