A few shocking facts about Anaconda you didn’t know


You may have watched the movie series ‘Anaconda’. Well, in this article we’re NOT going to talk about that series. It’s just the giant snake species found in tropical south America we’re talking about. It’s a constrictor which means it uses its muscles to squeeze and suffocate its prey before swallowing. Now here are a few shocking facts about this giant serpent you probably didn’t know about:

A species of Anaconda is the largest snake by weight

There are four species of this snake living in south America. But when people say ‘Anaconda’, they basically mean the species Eunectes murinus. It is known as common or green anaconda. It is in fact the largest snake in the planet by weight and second longest. And the film series mentioned above is based on this particular species.

The snake’s name is derived from lankan language

Some of you might think that the word ‘anaconda’ must be a synonym for snake among south American people. If you have thought so, then you’re wrong. It is actually a word from Lankan language which is spoken by the people of Sri Lanka, a south Asian country.

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The meaning of the word anaconda

A scientist argued that one of these giant serpents crushed and killed a tiger in Sri Lanka. Now that’s funny, because tigers aren’t found in Sri Lanka. In addition, anacondas are NOT found in this country either. So the conclusion is that it was a giant python that crushed and killed a tiger in Tamil Nadu which is a province of India neighboring with Sri Lanka. The word anaconda is a distorted form of the Tamil word anai-kondra which means elephant killer. Surely a giant snake like python or anaconda is capable of killing an elephant, aren’t they?

A wordpress security plugin is named after it

The local people of south America call this snake ‘sucuri’. This is also the name of a popular security plugin in WordPress, a content management system (CMS) for websites. The developer of the plugin thought that if a giant snake as anaconda guards your household, no other harmful creatures would dare to near your place. That’s why they named this plugin after this giant serpent. Clearly, the developers of the plugin are from south America, or they’re connected with this continent in some other way.

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Things You Didn’t Know About Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan is surely the number one actor and one of the biggest producers in Bollywood. He is called ‘The King Khan’ of Bollywood by many people. He has brought immense success in most of his films and acted with almost all popular actresses. His domination over Bollywood film industry is not going to be over any time soon. With that said here we present a few interesting things you may not have known about Shah Rukh Khan.

He was not a hero in his first few films

Shah Rukh Khan is considered the most romantic hero of all time in Bollywood. But did you know that he didn’t play the role of a hero in his first few films namely Darr, Bazigar and Anjaam? He actually was a villain in those films.

The most successful film of Shah Rukh Khan to this day

You may be wondering as to which has been the most successful film of Shah Rukh Khan in his film career. It was none but the famous film Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge starring Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan. It has not only earned the biggest amount of revenues in his film career, but has been running also in many cinema halls to this day, 23 years after the film was released.

He is not the sole owner of Red Chillies Entertainment and KKR

Everyone knows the name of his productions company ‘Red Chillies Entertainment’. But did you know that he is actually a co-chairman of the company? Which means he’s not the sole owner of the company. The same is applicable for his IPL franchise Kolkata Knight Riders. He’s a co-owner of this team too.

His third child AbRam was a surrogate child

Shah Rukh’s third child AbRam has been enjoying stardom right from his birth. But did you know that he was actually a surrogate child? That means he was not raised in Shah Rukh’s wife Gouri’s womb, although Gouri is AbRam’s biological mother. Nobody knows to this day who this surrogate lady was.

Shah Rukh’s all time personal favorite actress is Kajol

You must have seen Shah Rukh Khan to act with so many female costars starting from Divya Bharoti to Alia Bhatt. Now speaking of female costars aka heroines, you may be wondering who’s Shah Rukh’s all time favorite. It’s none other than Kajol. This pair has so many successful films in their career together. To name a few, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Kuch Kuch Hota Hain, Kavi Khushi Kavi Gham, My name is Khan.

His special relationship with Karan Johar

If you ask Shah Rukh Khan ‘Who is your favorite director?’ he will be mentioning Karan Johar’s name. Now this guy Karan Johar is not only his favorite director, but a very close friend also. They have been each other’s counselor and associate in the time of need for a long time now. From the looks of it, this relationship is not going to end any time soon.

Shah rukh khan as television host and stage performer

Some people might be thinking Shah Rukh Khan is good at only acting in films. But did you know that he is actually a very good television host and an enthusiastic stage performer as well? He has hosted a couple of Film Fare awards and other similar functions. He is a very active stage performer both in India and outside.

Aamir Khan seems to avoid Shah Rukh Khan as much as possible

Previously it was a rumor, but recently it is almost an open secret that Bollywood actor Aamir Khan avoids Shah Rukh Khan as much as possible. The fact is that Aamir hardly attends any award function. But one thing is for sure, he would not possibly attend an award ceremony which is to be hosted by Shah Rukh Khan. Now many people have been wondering as to why’s that. It is thought that Aamir Khan is in a cold fight with Shah Rukh for the number one position as an actor in Bollywood. Seems like this fight is not going to end soon.

He brought Deepika Padukone and Anushka Sharma into Bollywood

Now it’s no wonder that Deepika Padukone and Anushka Sharma are two of the biggest superstars in Bollywood now a days. Well, did you know who brought them into this colorful world of film industry? It’s none other than Shah Rukh Khan. Deepika debuted in Shah Rukh’s 2007 blockbuster Om Shanti Om and Anushka debuted in Khan’s 2008 film Rab Ne Bana De Jodi. Both actresses have been very successful since the inception of their acting career. It’s all supposedly the blessings from SRK!

Shah Rukh Khan imitated Jackie Chan on a couple of occasions?

Many people alleged that Shah Rukh actually imitated Jackie Chan’s postures and body languages on a couple of occasions, in a few TV appearances and advertisements. Now this act of SRK has surely disappointed many of his fans. Actually they didn’t expect this level of mimicry from a renowned actor that Shah Rukh Khan is. May be, Shah Rukh himself is a big fan of Jackie Chan. Then again, may be he wanted to point out that while Hollywood has Jackie Chan Bollywood has Shah Rukh Khan! What do you know?

Examinees won’t be allowed to appear for exams unless they arrive at the exam center half an hour before the exam starts

Examinees won't allow to appear for exams unless they arrive at the exam center half an hour begore the exam starts

The examinees of the imminent SSC and same level exams must arrive at the exam center half an hour earlier than the exam starts, otherwise they won’t be allowed to appear for the exams. There was a meeting today (January 3, 2018) in the ministry of education and after the meeting this was the resolution (a meeting minute) of the committee members.

A press release from the ministry said this step has been taken to stop ‘copying’ and ‘adopting unfair means’ during the public exams. The ‘half an hour’ thing was previously only ‘insisted’, but NOT mandatory.

It was decided in the meeting to create ‘question banks’ to stop unfair means on a long term. Discussions were held to carry question papers in envelopes with special security taps. Besides these, other topics that were discussed are – to have multiple question sets ready, NOT to open questions papers before it is time, using of PIN codes, sending question papers to exam halss through online or storage device, shutting down the internet in the premises near the exam hall for temporary period.

It was decided in the meeting that nobody would be allowed to use smartphone in the exam hall. Only the ‘center secretary’ would be allowed to use a normal phone.

Mr. Sohrab Hossain who is the secretary of secondary and higher education department informed that the upcoming public exams will be held in totally ‘copy free’ environment. There will be no compromises regarding this.